Round Table

Round Table topic: «mmWaves and sub-THz ranges in wireless communication: promising applications and coverage problems»

Novel and prospective wireless communications use higher operational frequencies and wider bands associated with strong signal losses both in the radio channel and inside the antenna hardware. Therefore, more directive antennas are to be used for further capacity enhancement in wireless communication.

Round Table purpose: discuss a way, which helps to resolve the problem of signal losses. There are several ways to solve such problem,. i.e. mesh adhoc networks, active antenna arrays, reflective surfacrs and metamaterials utilization. During Round Table, we will discuss such approaches, identify pros and con points, define alternativa methods.

Discussion points:
1. mmWave MIMO system performance under antenna array hardware impairements cosideration.
2. Further antenna array enhancement via lens or metamaterial antenna utilization.
3. IRS as FR2 enabler: does this technology overcomes in-band relay solution ?
4. From HBF to Holographic MIMO: what is more practical solution for mmWave coverage enhancement in terms of performance/cost balance ?
5. Mesh network as alternative way to IRS approach.
6. Other enablers to increase bandwidth and resulting capacity of wireless channel ? Do we need that? What is potential applications for mmWave and sub-THz carriers usage?